Lead, Follow or Get Out Of The Way

editorial-logo3The holiday season is in full swing and even the most grinchy of us are starting to feel our hearts warm a little bit. With all the good will going around, it makes me wonder if there is some way to extend the “feel goods” into the new year. Of course, it is not only the adults that are on their best behavior this time of year, it extends to our youngest section of society. Many years ago, when I was a kid, parents would occasionally break out the “Santa is watching” to insure good behavior but it is no longer necessary to go to the big guy. Nope, apparently Santa has outsourced the watching to a strange little elf that appears on shelves around the country about this time. For me, the elf is a little creepy. Santa has always been the benevolent bringer of gifts and good will. From what I can tell, the only purpose for this crazy little elf is to tattle to Santa. I am surprised that more children are not trying to stuff his little red pajama clad self into the toilet.

So, is it really that easy to keep people in check? Is all that is really needed the threat of a tattler with a power complex? With all that this county is facing in 2019 it makes me wonder if we don’t need a little elfin supervision to keep those elected to oversee our interests on their best behavior. Imagine what stories he could tell, for it is unlikely that he would spend meetings texting on his phone or worse, just failing to show up entirely. With all the budget and funding issues, all the capital projects and potential legal action that will be a part of 2019, the biggest hurdle that we will be jumping is attention and attendance. So far, most every decision making body in the county has had a tough time just getting members to show up. Just this week two committees couldn’t meet for lack of a quorum. In the most recent County Commission meeting the vote on firefighter tag fee forgiveness had to be rolled to the next meeting because two Commissioners needed to abstain because they could benefit from the action and without their vote, even on a second reading with no opposition, there were not enough Commission members present to pass the resolution.

Where was everyone? Sick? Trimming the tree? I don’t know but what I do know is that a pattern is forming in Jefferson County and it is direct opposition to getting any real work done. Those that agreed to serve or ran and won a seat to serve need to be present if at all possible. There are no free passes here, everyone who is physically able to show up to meetings should be there with bells on. If they don’t want to attend, just move along and give someone with more time and interest a shot at having a vote.

From me and the constituents and the creepy little elf, we may not know when you are sleeping or awake but we sure know when you don’t show up. And while the constituents and I may have to wait until election time to do something about lack of attendance and attention, I am just not sure what kind of powers the elf has and I am not sure that any of us want to find out. It is easy to fix. Be there and be aware. That really isn’t too much to ask.

Source: K. Depew, News Director