Parrott-Wood Memorial Library Receives a $1,000.00 Community Grant from Walmart

Parrott wood walmart

Walmart awards Parrott-Wood Memorial Library a $1,000.00 Community Grant. General Manager, Mr. Joe Gibson was also able to give a great discount on a 70” Smart TV for the library for educational programs. The $1,000.00 grant will be used for Summer 2019 STEM Programs (Science, technology, engineering and mathematics). STEM programs are very important when it comes to the development of children and youth.  These educational programs will produce critical thinkers, team players, innovators and better prepare our future leaders. Donna Phillips, Director would like to thank Walmart for supporting Jefferson County Public Library System’s educational programs for over 18 years. Phillips stated without grants and in kind donation from our local businesses, Parrott-Wood Memorial Library could not provide excellent enrichment programs for their community.