Ice… not my favorite topic! I do not step outside when ice is present. This past snowstorm was no exception. I kept looking at the power lines and praying they would hold the weight. Ice can look so innocent, but be so deceptive. I remember two really bad ice storms in the 80’s.

The first was not expected and found my husband visiting our neighbors up the hill from us. He had our little “low to the ground” basset hound with him. When the ice storm hit, the television stations were excitedly sharing the news and how traffic was stopped everywhere… nothing was moving. I immediately looked out the windows and doors and at first thought they were exaggerating. But… no, there was ice everywhere. As I looked, ice started hanging from limbs of branches and trees on my lawn. I thought of my husband and called. He had heard nothing and was shocked that I thought he might not be able to get home… that was my big, strong man. He would be alright, he was sure of that. He would be right home. I watched as he walked down the steep road… or might I say, slid down the road. He was on his backside more than his feet and right behind him came my “low rider”. The dog was no exception, he splattered on his belly about every four or five steps. When they finally got to the door, both crawled in on their belly. By that time my fear was gone and I was laughing with hysterical relief.

On the other side of the county, an unusual occurrence happened. It appears several people from Jefferson City worked in Morristown and was at work when the storm hit. They did not get far in their car and ended up walking home. I was told there were many groups who made the long, cold walk. I’m just glade they made it home safe. Maybe they should have stayed at work… but, who wants to stay at work?… Right?

And then there was the high school basketball team that did not get home from Johnson City due to the ice during the second ice storm that came just as quickly as the first. It seems they got almost to a bridge and saw no one was able to make it over. Seeing a church, they took refuge for the night. Mr Swann was on the bus, called his wife, and she called the parents… with the help of numbers gathered from the guard at the school. The pastor, pastor’s wife, and neighbors provided food and blankets… what a blessing.

So… for me… forget the ice. I pray I’m always home if and when it hits. Thank you weathermen for the warnings.

Source: K.P. Guessen