ADA Compliance Plan on December Deadline

American Disabilities Act compliance deadline is looming on the horizon for Jefferson County, as well as other counties across the state. With an eye on a December 2019 deadline from Tennessee Department of Transportation for total County compliance, for both County and Schools, Jefferson County Facilities Director David Longmire addressed the issue with the Jefferson County Facilities Committee at their meeting Monday evening. Jefferson County is charged with coming up with a compliance plan that will address ADA needs in all County buildings and even on the County website. ,At risk, if the plan is not submitted, is $1.6 million dollars in highway funds that come to Jefferson County annually.

Because time is a factor, Longmire requested up to $115,000 out of a $430,000 ADA reserve fund that had been earmarked earlier by the County Commission be use to hire professional assistance in identifying and making a plan for compliance. The motion to approve was made by Commissioners Coleman and 2 by Commissioner Bales. It found favor with the full body.

In other business, the Facility Committee received an update on a cosmetic face lift currently being given to the Historic Jefferson County Courthouse. The updating is in the form of paint and new windows.

Source: Kristen Depew