House Republicans Pass Legislation Creating Balance Within Community Oversight Boards

This week in Nashville, House Republicans passed House Bill 658, which will create balance within community oversight boards across Tennessee.

House Bill 658 balances both the interests of our citizens to voice their opinion while also protecting the fundamental rights of police officers and their families from malicious or politically focused persecution.

Community oversight boards have existed since the 1950s, and there are presently no guidelines outlined in Tennessee state law that defines how they are created, who can serve on them, and what their specific function is. This measure provides much needed structure to all current and future community oversight boards in Tennessee, which is critical to their overall success, as well as overall safety in our state.

House Republicans agree that no officer who acts in an unprofessional or unlawful manner should receive a free pass. In fact, Republican lawmakers believe those who protect and serve our communities must be held to higher standards. Additionally, we understand the critical need for transparency, and we appreciate the desire of our citizens for more oversight.

House Bill 658 now awaits action in the Senate.