Republican Leaders Pass Legislation To Stop Elder Abuse

This week, House Republicans supported House Bill 249 on Thursday, in efforts to stop elder abuse in Tennessee.

House Bill 249 requires the task force to assess the current status of elders and other vulnerable adults covered by the Tennessee Adult Protection Act related to financial exploitation. The panel will also examine existing barriers, services, and resources addressing the needs of these elder persons and vulnerable adults. Additionally the group will develop recommendations to address problems associated with the financial exploitation of these important groups.

Elder abuse has many forms, including physical abuse, neglect, emotional or psychological abuse, financial abuse and exploitation, sexual abuse, and abandonment. According to the National Council for Aging, 1 in 10 Americans age 60 or older have experienced some form of elder abuse.

Our senior citizens have made lasting contributions to their communities, and they desperately need our help. House Republicans will continue working to address this important issue so we can protect our elderly and vulnerable citizens.