A New Beginning

Finally, after backstroking our way through winter spring has arrived. Oh, she may be a little damp and wrinkled but, for me, she sure is a sight for sore eyes. It is with the changing of the seasons, and a dash more daylight to work with, that I start itching to clean out the cobwebs ( both literal and figurative). This spring could bring more than just flowers and grass that needs trimming. This could be the season of reflection and direction. As we are all running toward lazy days at the lake and the last ringing of the school bell for the year, we still have a little time left to put our best foot forward and make some changes. It would be good to start with learning to enjoy the blessings that are abundant in our community.

We are fortunate enough to live in a community that is safe. Sure, the occasional body washes up on the shores of the lake and there are always those that would rather be a part of the drug culture than a cultural revolution. But, pound for pound, we look pretty good when compared to those counties and states that surround us. We may not have everything we want but there is always enough and many communities simply can’t say that is their situation. We have enough space. Enough money. Enough people and organizations to spread out the burden, whatever it might be.

This is a place where church and religion is still important to folks, whether they attend an organized religious gathering or worship in the quiet of their home. We are polite people. When our community hurts, we hurt and we help. Our children are largely well cared for and happy. Do we all have everything we want? I don’t know of anywhere that people have everything they want and I am not sure that it would even be a good place to live if I did. There is something to be said for having something to wish for, work for, dream about. But, we, as a community, try to cover the necessities and even a few of the extras.

Spring is the season of rebirth. This is the time to look at the old through a new lens of appreciation and look at the new with thankfulness. We are not perfect and we do not always agree. That is simply a part of human nature and community living. But, we can challenge ourselves to see the differences from the perspective of others and to let a sense of gratitude for this place we live and this life we have been given outshine the issues. After living several decades on this earth there is one thing of which I am assured, it could always be worse. Life is full of those moments that come with a spoon full of sugar and those that are just really hard to swallow. How they are handled is as impacting as what precipitated them.

So, Spring has sprung. It can be the same old allergy driven, sneezing, watery eyed irritation that it has been or it can bring a fresh new look to a well loved picture. Either way. The choice lies with you.