County Commission Approves Help for Flooded Area

A group of citizens that have literally been underwater for months will hopefully see some relief soon as the Jefferson County Commission voted Monday evening, April 15, 2019 to allocate funding up to $5,000 for water removal from Ashley Oaks Subdivision. The Jefferson County Highway Department will join with TEMA, who is providing seven days of pumping in the flooded area. Water that is pumped from the flooded subdivision that is located in Strawberry Plains will be dumped in Beaver Creek. Some citizens have voiced concern about dumping in to the creek, but according to information provided in Monday’s meeting permission has been granted from TDEC for the water relocation.

In other business, Commissioners approved several resolutions including those for litter grant, zoning and surplus material. They also approved a resolution on current bonds that would allow the revision of the interest rates paid by Jefferson County and extend the bank rate period relating to the bonds. Several budget amendments were brought on recommendation of the Budget Committee, two from the County side and one from the School Side. All recommendations found favor with the full body.

Commissioner Langley and Commissioner Coleman brought a motion that would refer to the Personnel Committee the possibility of creating a position of Grant Coordinator. The committee would review and explore the option and return with a recommendation for the full body. The motion was approved 14-4.

The Historic Jefferson County Courthouse will be closed on Friday, April 19, 2019, as will all local government offices. There will be no regular meeting of the Jefferson County Commission in May, as the Budget Committee continues to work on the fiscal year 2019/20 budget for review by the full body in June.

Source: Kristen Depew