Dandridge Volunteer Fire Department Sending Out Annual Donation Letters

This is a significant year for the Dandridge Volunteer Fire Department (DVFD) and for you, residents of our primary response area.  This year the department is purchasing a new fire engine to replace a 31 year old engine in our fleet.  The cost to purchase the Pierce M206 Rescue-Pumper is $365,943.00. Thanks to your past donations, we were able to make a $250,000.00 down payment which allowed the DVFD to save $10,000.00 off of the original purchase price.  The Dandridge Volunteer Fire Department is excited about this new addition to our fleet and appreciates the contributions you have made to make this possible.  This purchase represents another step that has marked the continued improvement of firefighting and rescue capabilities throughout the 65-year history of the department.

While the purchase of the new fire engine was an important step in the evolution of the DVFD, our cash reserves have become significantly reduced. Thankfully, with your support, we can continue our mission of providing skilled response for emergencies such as fires, motor vehicle accidents, and search and rescue operations. For example, this year the DVFD implemented an online training program to increase firefighters’ annual training hours which they will utilize while meeting a response. Additionally, we continue to perform ongoing maintenance on our existing fleet and provide necessary safety equipment for our members. Please remember that we service a significant portion of Jefferson County and these donations will help meet the needs of our entire response area.

The members of DVFD deeply appreciate both the emotional and financial support we regularly receive from our community.  Contributions of any size are greatly appreciated and a receipt will be available upon request. Remember that all donations are tax deductible.

We thank you in advance for whatever contribution you can make and look forward to serving you in the future.

Contributions can be made at the following locations:

In person at:
Dandridge Town Hall or
Dandridge Fire Station #1
843 Old Hwy 92

By mail:
Dandridge Fire Dept
PO Box 249
Dandridge TN 37725

Local Bank Drop-off:
1013 South Hwy 92
Dandridge, TN 37725

167 West Broadway
Jefferson City, TN


Source: Andy Riley, Dandridge Fire Chief