Flags Become End Of School Issue At JCHS

Recent issues at Jefferson County High School have put the spotlight on the school’s policy concerning flags and their ability to adorn student vehicles. Last week, the issue came to a forefront when school administration admonished students for the flying of flags on student vehicles in the school parking lot. Parents became involved when the situation was posted on a social media site via video recording and sentiment has been high on the social site regarding student’s rights. Over the weekend, Dr. Johnston, Director of Jefferson County Schools, released the following statement regarding the issue.

“Last week there was a small group of students displaying various flags on their automobiles on the campus of Jefferson County High School. The administration met with some of these students to explain that the school allows the displaying of the American flag since it is the nation’s flag.

Students are passionate about many social, economic, cultural, and political issues. We respect the many varied positions, but to avoid any disruption to the school campus and maintain the academic focus during these last few days of school, students have been asked to limit the public displays to the American Flag.

As the administration of JCHS met with students late last week and discussed the situation, students were compliant and understood the rationale of the administration’s decision. We appreciate this exchange of ideas and look forward to working together to finishing this school year strong.”