Republican-Led Initiative To Expand Access To Vocational & Technical Training Passes House

The House of Representatives has passed House Bill 949, also known as the GIVE Act, to expand access to vocational and technical training for Tennessee students by a 92-0 vote.

One of Governor Lee’s first initiatives, this $25 million investment is a two-pronged approach that utilizes regional partnerships to develop work-based learning and apprenticeship opportunities. Communities will now have the funding and flexibility to build programs that best reflect local needs and work directly with private industry to structure programming. 

The GIVE Act also provides funding for high school juniors and seniors to utilize four, fully-funded dual enrollment credits for trade and technical programs. Previously, high school students only had access to two fully-funded dual enrollment credits. With access to four credits, students will now be better prepared for entry into the workforce within two years of graduation.

Additionally, House Bill 952 was approved, and it willincrease Career Technical Education (CTE) opportunities for Tennessee students so they are better prepared to meet the demands of a 21st Century Workforce.

These initiatives will help close gaps in our workforce by helping students become better prepared for jobs after high school.