JCHS Dedicates Revolutionary Patriot Sculpture

The sculpture that we are dedicating today symbolizes several things; and I hope when people see this art work in the future they are reminded of some of these symbols.

  1. PATRIOTISM AND CITIZENSHIP, two of the most important things that we teach our students. In fact, our school mission statement makes direct reference to the teaching of citizenship. And our Director of Schools Dr. Shane Johnston reinforced this concept in his opening remarks to teachers at the beginning of the school term.
  1. SACRIFICE, COURAGE, AND COMMITMENT, all of which are attributes of those who serve this nation in the military.
  1. INDEPENDENCE, which was gained by common citizens taking up arms against a nation over 200 years ago. In fact, this school completed its first year of operation during the bi-centennial celebration after the citizens of Jefferson County had chosen the PATRIOT as the mascot for Jefferson County High School. Our independence made it possible for us to have a constitutional form of government and all that we enjoy as citizens.
Source: David Seal