DAR Names New Officers

The members of the Martha Dandridge Washington Chapter (MDW), National Society Daughters of the American Revolution (NSDA), welcomed Martha Cummings and Regent Diana West of the Emory Road Chapter, NSDAR, to their May meeting. Ms. Cummings is an NSDAR Museum Correspondent Docent, and Regent West, is an NSDAR Museum Correspondent Docent in Training.

Speaker West presented the program to familiarize the members with the NSDAR Museum in Washington, D.C. According to the DAR website, Memorial Continental Hall was built in 1890 with a future goal in mind to provide a centrally located and fireproof facility for the NSDAR collection of historic relics which now number 30,000. In 1910 the DAR Museum was opened to the public. It displays its diverse collection of furniture, silver, ceramics, glass, paintings, costumes, and textiles in 3 galleries and 31 period rooms.

The Tennessee Society Daughters of the American Revolution (TSDAR) is fortunate to sponsor one of the period rooms. Furnishings include two mahogany chairs that formerly were used in the White House. In 1817 President James Monroe ordered 53 gold-covered chairs from France and upset Congress so much by the purchase that in 1826 a law was passed saying that “all furniture purchased for use in the President’s House shall be as far as practicable of American or domestic manufacture.” Thus, mahogany chairs were requisitioned to replace the gilded ones.

Speaker West shared a PowerPoint on “Master Quilts from the DAR Museum.” Among the Master Quilts are Medallion Quilts, Applique Quilts with a Princess Feather design, Pieced or Mosaic Quilts, Star Quilts, Log Cabin Quilts, and Album Quilts. They display a large variety of colors and patterns. Some are very complex and ornate while others are very simple. The oldest quilts go back as far as the 1790s.

Correspondent Docents are available to give programs to DAR chapters, community organizations, and schools. Among their programs are the following: A Tour of the DAR Period Room, American Women’s Fashions 1760-1925, Christmas in the DAR Period Rooms, Myth or Truth (life in the past), Needlework Treasures of the DAR Museum, Seven Deadly Sins, Something Old, Something New (wedding gowns), and It’s About Time (clocks).

Following the presentation, Ms. Cummings installed the new chapter officers who have been elected to serve for three years with Regent Jane Chambers. The officers are as follows: Vice Regent – Jill Evans; Chaplain – Elizabeth Finchum; Recording Secretary – Karen Bible; Corresponding Secretary – Jane Busdeker; Treasurer – Wendy Randolph; Registrar – Karen McFarland; Historian – Jamie Snyder; Librarian – Katie Schmidt.

The office of Parliamentarian is an appointed office, and Ellie Betts has been appointed by Regent Chambers to fill that post for three years.

Before the meeting was adjourned, a surprise presentation was made. As May is National Military Appreciation Month, Service to Veterans Chairman Carolyn Mitchell recognized the service of Regent Chambers, veteran of the U.S. Army, and Prospective Member Janet Guyett, veteran of the U.S. Navy. Each received a bud vase with three yellow roses.