Christmas in July Brings the Heat

The sweltering heat and the days at the lake may make the Christmas season seem so far ahead, but rejoice Holiday lovers, for the magic is only 5 months away!

To hold us over though, many retailers and television networks bestow upon us what we now know as Christmas in July.

Impatience isn’t the only reason for the celebration. In the Southern Hemisphere, the seasons are opposite of ours, so while we are enjoying the heat of July, folks south of the Equator are in the depths of winter. While our traditions have us roasting chestnuts over an open fire and building snowmen in the meadow, the only way our friends down south are able to have the same wonderful memories is, well, you guessed it, celebrating Christmas in July.

Up here in the United States, though, most of our Christmas in July celebrations are more for irony and fun. In the time that most of us are experiencing the hottest temperatures of the year, big box stores and sites like Amazon (which today is Prime Day, by the way) are hosting some of their biggest sales of the summer season.

So crank up the A/C, make you some hot cocoa, turn on the Hallmark Channel, and beat the heat by celebrating a little bit of Christmas Magic. The actual Holiday Season will be here much more quickly than we think.

Source: Angie Stanley, Jefferson County Post Staff Writer