Dandridge Library Receives Two Grants

Dandridge Memorial Library is proud to announce that it is a recipient of the Jane L. Pettway Foundation Grant and the Sisters in Crime We Love Libraries Grant. Both grants, received by the library’s private foundation, will help the library to expand its collection and add one entirely new service.
The We Love Libraries Grant provides the library with $1,000 to be spent on books and audiobooks. By spending this money at McKay’s Used Books, library staff were able to purchase a total of 136 titles, spanning all reading levels and genres. This grant was awarded by Sisters in Crime, a national organization of mystery authors.

Those who visit the library often know that it has more to offer than just books. With $4,500 from the Pettway Foundation, the library is now able to offer laptops for in house use. Patrons in good standing over the age of 18 may check out one of five brand new Dell laptops to use anywhere within the library. The Jane L. Pettway Foundation is a Knoxville based charity providing grants to libraries, Episcopal schools and women in need.
“From their beginning, libraries have been about removing barriers and improving access to information,” Library Director Bethany Hopkins explained. “Books were not always readily available or affordable. Now that has changed somewhat, but so have the ways we access information. So many things require a computer and internet access, and the library is here to provide that access. These two grants will help us to achieve that goal and to reach more people, and we are so grateful to receive them.”  

Dandridge Memorial Library is located at 1235 Circle Drive in Dandridge and is open Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 9am-6pm, Thursday from 10am-7pm and Saturday from 9am-1pm. The library can be reached at 865-397-9758 or danmemlibrary@gmail.com. Learn more about the entire Jefferson County Public Library System at www.jcpls.org.

Source: Dandridge Memorial Library