Family Biographies and Orders Continue for Hamblen County Book

Family Biographies and book orders keep coming in for the Hamblen County 150th Anniversary Book that’s set to be released in 2020. There is no cost to submit your family biography of 500 words or less, along with a photo, nor is there any condition that you must purchase a book if you submit your family story.

“This book will be our way of celebrating and commemorating the sesquicentennial year in Hamblen County,” said Earleen Sides, chair of the book committee. “However, it will only be as successful as the participation within the county goes, and so we ask that everyone who lives in the county, no matter how long you have been here, to submit your family biography and to purchase a book. The last quality book of this type was published in 1996 and it is out of print now. Once this 2020 edition is published, it might be the last of its kind in Hamblen County,” added Sides.

The Hamblen County Genealogical Society has placed brochures at the main desk of the Morristown Library and at various businesses all around the county. The brochures have all the information you need to write up your family history and the form you need to place a book order. The pre-sale price for each book is $59.95, and you can order as many copies as you would like. For more information on submitting your family narrative or ordering books, contact Earleen Sides at 205-305-6504 or send a note to Also, for your convenience, members of the Book Committee have committed to be in the front conference room of the Morristown Library every Tuesday from 10:00 until 12:00 noon. No appointment needed – just come by and see us if we can help – – – –