Above Average Temps Predicted For Next Few Days

The calendar may say that summer is winding down but the thermometer tells an entirely different story. While the average temperature for this time of the year is generally in the mid eighties and decreasing as the month progresses toward fall, next week may prove to be the anomaly. If the current weather forecast holds true, next week will bring temperatures in the mid to upper 90s to the area. Of course, many things can and likely will happen between the projected time of arrival for scorching temperatures and today. One outlier is the impact of Hurricane Dorian on the local area. East Tennessee weather is notoriously difficult to predict so there is still hope that the prediction is just off and normal temperatures will be the pattern of the week.

With the official arrival of fall just a few short weeks away and temperatures, as well as precipitation, playing an important part of the fall foliage forecast, a return to normal may be necessary for all the glorious shades of fall to make their appearance later next month. For now, experts suggest keeping hydrated, limit time in the sun and be aware of changes in your body that could be attributed to heat related illness. Last but certainly not least, be sure to check on the ill, the very young and very old and pets to be certain that they are surviving well in what is hoped to be Summer 2019’s last hurrah!

Source: K. Depew, News Director