County Has Healthy Rollover

The Jefferson County Commission met for their regular Work Session on Monday, September 9, 2019 in the Historic Jefferson County Courthouse. Beyond familiarizing themselves with the full meeting agenda, the Commission heard from various Department Heads for status updates. Six citizens addressed the Commission with two being from Parrott’s Chapel, one regarding Broadband, one voicing concern regarding the potential purchase of the Shular Building in Dandridge, and two with road concerns.

Jefferson County Finance Director Potts informed the full body that “rollover” numbers( unused funds from the previous fiscal year that were a part of the budget) are available. He stated that the fiscal year 2018/19 closed with $810,000 in the County General Find that was available for use ( not restricted or assigned for purpose). Rollover funds came in around $1.8 million dollars bringing the available fund balance to just north of $1.9 million dollars ( after funds used to balance the budget and held as compensation for positions not yet hired with emergency services were deducted). Director Potts also informed the County Commission that the Jefferson County Department of Education had a healthy rollover amount of $1.3 million dollars. Both Potts and Jefferson County Budget Committee Chairman Scarlett acknowledged that the rollover amounts were healthy. Director Potts attributed the rollover in part to increase in local sales, an increase in base tax and compensation related savings.

Facilities Committee Chairman Huffaker, speaking from the floor, stated that she is in favor of purchasing the Shular Building as a first step in a comprehensive plan to relieve over crowding the Finance, Mayor and County Clerk’s offices. Public Service Chair Carmichael informed the full body that a resolution will come from the committee regarding Care and Restraint of Dogs and Cats in Jefferson County. Also on the agenda is a request from the Jefferson Park Administration for issuance of general obligation bonds not to exceed $11 million dollars. Administrator Mynatt stated the property in White Pine has been purchased for three “Green House” living quarters that will house around 12 people each for those that need assistance but not yet ready for the typical nursing home experience.

The Commission heard a report on ADA compliant changes that will be made over the course of several years. Previously, Budget Chair Scarlett stated that the upgrades can be funded with cash over the next several budget cycles.