Dandridge Garden Club Educated About Benefits of Douglas Dam

On Thursday September 26, 2019 the Martha Dandridge Garden Club convened for their regular meeting and to hear from a representative of the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA). Guest speaker and Plant Engineer Manager, Erik Bodiscomassink, relayed the importance of Douglas Dam and its relationship to the local area to club members. The hydroelectric dam is not just known as the dam that ultimately changed the face of Dandridge; the flood storage also earns credit for being constructed in world record time compared to others its size. Douglas Dam started its construction in February 1942 and was completed in just 12 months and 17 days. Bodiscomassink touched on many facets of the history of Douglas Dam to educate the members of the Garden Club, including the role the Dam plays for flood control and river navigation which is specially designed to minimalize any effects on the environment surrounding the dam.

With 2020 fast approaching, Chairman of the Committee Cheryl Roach announced new board members for the upcoming year, in addition to new incoming President Tracee Lee Fitzpatrick. Current Club President Kathleen Holmes informed club members of upcoming events for the club which will include charity projects for nursing homes and senior living homes. Members will be collecting donations of socks, blankets, and regular toiletries in the near future to donate to causes in need of the items. As the cooler weather dawns and the holiday season approaches, plans are to participate in caroling around the Dandridge area. The Garden Club anticipates involving themselves in annual potlucks to benefit both the club and the community. The Martha Dandridge Garden Club meets every fourth Thursday of the month and are actively seeking new members interested in beautifying the community.

Source: Amber Fitzpatrick, Jefferson County Post