The Straw that Breaks the Record

The City of Gatlinburg has successfully completed counting scarecrows in attempt to break the Guinness World Record for the Largest Display of Scarecrows.  Officials documented 4,325 scarecrows displayed throughout the downtown area of Gatlinburg.  The standing record is 3,812 scarecrows held by the English town of Burton-Upon-Trent. Gatlinburg exceeded that record by 513 scarecrows.  The record attempt was recorded on video and will have to be verified by Guinness World Records, which could take several weeks. 

“Scarecrows are the obvious addition to Smoky Mountain Harvest Festival decorations displayed throughout the City,” said Mark Adams, CEO/President Gatlinburg Convention and Visitors Bureau. “Being home to a Guinness World Records Attraction makes Gatlinburg the perfect location to hold the record for most scarecrows.  We are hopeful that we met all the criteria necessary to attain the record. ” 

Community support is a vital part of the accomplishment. Gatlinburg businesses and community members throughout town and Great Smoky Arts and Crafts Community have created beautiful harvest displays to create a new Scarecrow Trail. The Scarecrow Trail is one of Gatlinburg’s featured fall experiences that enhances the city’s well established Smoky Mountain Harvest Festival. 

Smoky Mountain Harvest Festival, featuring special events, craft shows, and new life-sized scarecrows, runs through November 21.  For more information about Gatlinburg visit  

Source: City of Gatlinburg