Commission Seats White Pine Mayor Glenn Warren As District 3 Commissioner

The Jefferson County Commission met for their Regular Quarterly Voting Session on Monday, October 21, 2019 in the Historic Jefferson County Courthouse. Absent from Roll Call was Commissioner Byrd. Following the prayer, which was offered by Commission Chaplin Douglas, House Representative for Jefferson County and the Head of the Republican Caucus for the State of Tennessee, Representative Jeremy Faison, led the Pledge of Allegiance to The Flag.

Following a motion by Commissioner Scarlett to amend the agenda to move two items to the top of the agenda, the Agenda as Amended was approved. The first order of New Business was to place a Commission seat in the third district that was vacated by longstanding commissioner Randy Baxley. A letter of resignation drawn by Baxley was received following his election to the Board at Appalachian Electric. Historically, the remaining seated commissioner/commissioners from that district would offer recommendation for placement of the vacant seat. Commissioner Phagan of District 3 nominated Jim Snodgrass for the open seat. Commissioner Paul Lowe, also of District 3, nominated White Pine Mayor Glenn Warren for the seat. Warren garnered the necessary eleven votes and was sworn in as a Jefferson County Commissioner representing District 3 immediately following the vote. He participated in the remainder of the meeting. Warren will hold the seat until the general election when the seat will be up for constituent vote.

Commissioners Phagan and Lowe sponsored a resolution to honor Baxley for his years of service to Jefferson County. The resolution was read into the official minutes by Commissioner Phagan and Baxley received a copy of the resolution.

In other new business, the Commission approved the Interlocal Vehicle Lease Agreement, a resolution to surplus and four budget amendments. On a motion from Commissioner Solomon and 2nd from Pahgan Resolution 2019-57 which dealt with an interfund loan not to exceed $850,000 and the sale, issuance and payment of the notes, found favor with the full body. The Public Service Committee brought an amended version of a previous resolution adopting regulations regarding care and restraint in dogs and cats in Jefferson County. The resolution was approved 19-1 ( Scarlett No). Also finding approval was resolution 2019-51 which made Jefferson County a Second Amendment Sanctuary County.

Source: K. Depew, News Director