White Pine School Locks Down Under Threat Of Student Carrying Gun

In a statement today from Dr. Shane Johnston, Jefferson County Director of Schools: “White Pine School administration notified my office that a student had verbally told another student he had a gun at school. This notification was made at approximately 8:15 AM.

School officials were notified of this and promptly detained the student and placed the school in a lock down. The administrative team notified the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Department and the White Pine Police Department and both agencies responded to the situation.

There was no gun found on the student or in the subsequent search of White Pine School.

School administration notified parents of White Pine School students of the situation shortly after 10:00 AM so that parents had the accurate information.

The student has been appropriately disciplined and has been removed from White Pine School.

Jefferson County School Board and Jefferson County Schools has no higher priority than providing a safe learning environment for its students.

“I want to thank the administrative team, faculty, and law enforcement agencies that worked on the incident at White Pine School. School personnel and law enforcement officials worked hard today to ensure everyone’s safety and the quick response of our school leaders and teachers is greatly appreciated by the entire community.”

Source: Dr. Shane Johnston, Jefferson County Director of Schools