“Planned Shooting” Social Medial Post Causes Anxiety In Jefferson County School Community – “Incorrect” According To Director of Schools, Dr. Johnston

According to Jefferson County Director of Schools Thursday, November 21, 2019 – “an irresponsible social media post has created anxiety in our communities concerning an alleged school shooting planned for tomorrow at Maury Middle School. This information is not correct.

Earlier today, a student was disciplined for making a threat and school officials in conjunction with law enforcement appropriately handled the situation. At no time was a gun on campus or were students in danger.

This message was also sent to all Jefferson County Students and Parents to avoid the wrong information being passed around the county. Student safety is of utmost importance and we will always work to keep each child safe. Our school administrators will be working with SRO’s and law enforcement officers at all campuses tomorrow morning to get the day started well.

Additionally, our schools will have members of the counseling staff available to assist any student having concerns or experiencing anxiety over this rumor. We are looking forward to having a great Friday in JC Schools and we appreciate your support. “