County Commission Holds Final Voting Meeting For 2019

The Jefferson County Commission held their final scheduled voting meeting of the year, as no regular meetings are on the calendar for December. Though Commissioners declined to tap into the nearly $8 million dollars that has accrued from hospital lease payments and is held in a special account, they did move on allocating $675,000 to bite into the tab for ADA compliance and $42,653 from the general account for last dollar funding for tennis courts located at Jefferson County High School that are used by both the school and community. Additionally, they approved budget amendments from the Sheriff’s Department, Ambulance/EMS and the Library Board, as well as funding for the Baby Safe grant.

In other action, Macky Wilson was approved on a 13-6 vote as the Jefferson County Constable filling a recently vacated seat in District 6. Under New Business, Procedural changes for the County Commission were approved, as well as the Regular Session Scheduled for 2020. Two resolutions concerning growth boundaries and territorial jurisdiction for the municipal planning commissions were approved, in addition to one resolution for surplus. Commissioners also gave approval to a statutory bond for the Jefferson County Finance Director as is required by the State of Tennessee.

Following the close of New Business, the County Commission held a closed Executive Session. The Courthouse and Government Offices will be closed for Thanksgiving Holiday on Thursday and Friday, November 28 and 29, 2019.