Jefferson County Schools Director Addresses Rumors With County Commission

Dr. Shane Johnston, Director of Jefferson County Schools, recently approached the Jefferson County Commission to address a handful of, what the Director qualified as, rumors that have been circulating in the community through social media. He stated that he wanted the County Commission and public to be aware of facts rather than relying on the passing of information via social media. Dr. Johnston said that one area of concern for parents and staff has been the heating situation at Dandridge Elementary School and White Pine School. He informed the Commission that the boiler is being replaced at Dandridge Elementary School currently and White Pine School will receive a replacement boiler over the Christmas break.

Johnston also addressed a rumor that $50,000 was recently spent on one conference. He stated that the total was nowhere near $50,000 , though there was some cost associated with attendance. The Director further said that he was not totally happy with the quality of the conference and that it would have to be discussed and assessed before attendance in the future. He addressed the information provided by the Lewis Group in the recent high dollar needs assessment for Jefferson County Department of Education saying that the School Board has not yet drawn any determination from the assessment and that it will be fully discussed by the Board before action is taken.

Finally, the Director assured the County Commission that, despite information being passed along to the contrary, he has no plans to leave Jefferson County and return to his previous county of employment as Director of School. He stated that he is committed to Jefferson County Department of Education, the School Board, Students, Staff and the community and is not job looking for other opportunities.