County Commission First Vote Of 2020

In their first voting meeting of the year 2020, the Jefferson County Commission voted 13-8 to add two full time positions to the office of Circuit Court Clerk. The addition came as an amendment to a budget committee item which allowed one full time and one part time position to join the Circuit Court Clerk’s office. Circuit Court Clerk Kevin Poe had originally requested three full time positions from the Personnel Committee and his request had found favor with the Committee. When passed to the Budget Committee the number had been trimmed down to one full time and one part time employee to be added to the department, with the knowledge that budget season is approaching and further requests could come at that time. In light of the action taken by the full body to grant the additional half position,a reminder came from Budget Committee Chairman Scarlett that salary items are reoccurring and the increased obligation will have to be funded in future budget years.

County Commission members also approved a $45,000 request brought by the Jefferson County Conservation Board to hire outside services to provide a 10 year master plan for parks and recreation for Jefferson County. According to Mayor Mark Potts, an extended plan is necessary for Jefferson County to qualify for parks and recreation grants that might be of interest to Jefferson County. The request was approved with a 20-1 vote ( Blevins voting No).

Resolution 2020-4 was approved unanimously. With its passage the County Commission will recommend the General Assembly of the State of Tennessee Protect Private Property Rights. Several resolutions to surplus were also approved, as well as Resolution 2020-3 which supports legislation which directs TennCare to reimburse ambulance providers at a rate not less than the current Medicare fee schedule adding funding to the 2020-2021 State budget. Approval was given to the Sheriff’s Office to make application for a grant and the 2020 revised road’s list was approved.

Mayor Potts appointed Dee Dee Whitaker and John Johnson to the EMS Board and the County Commission approved Nominating Committee choices Charles Crosby and Mike Norton to the Industrial Development Board. Several general housekeeping budget amendments were approved, as well as notaries and bonds.