Chairman Andrew Farmer To Carry Legislation On Behalf Of House Leadership, Governor Lee

Strengthen our existing laws for those who threaten the safety of our law enforcement, first responders, armed forces, and all those who serve Tennessee

House Majority Leader William Lamberth (R-Portland) and Assistant Majority Leader Ron Gant (R-Rossville) today announced they have selected House Criminal Justice Subcommittee Chairman Andrew Farmer (R-Sevierville) to serve as co-prime sponsor of House Bill 2260.

The measure is part of Governor Lee’s legislative package for the year, which is traditionally sponsored by the House Majority Leader and the Assistant Majority Leader. Because Chairman Farmer is passionate about supporting all those who serve this great state, and holding the worst of the worst accountable for their actions, he is the ideal person to handle all details related to this initiative.

“Andrew Farmer is a powerful voice for the brave men and women who protect and serve communities across this state,” said Leader Lamberth. “As Criminal Justice Subcommittee Chairman, he has fought for them and for their families by ensuring those who commit heinous acts are held accountable. I appreciate his willingness to carry this legislation on behalf of House leadership and Governor Lee, and I look forward to working with him to see this bill become law.”

“I appreciate Chairman Farmer’s desire to strengthen our existing laws for those who threaten the safety of our law enforcement, first responders, armed forces, and all those who serve Tennessee,” said Assistant Leader Gant. “This legislation sends a strong message to criminals that they will be brought to justice. It sends an even stronger message to these important groups that this state is firmly behind you, and we support you and your families.”

House Bill 2260 adds a sentencing enhancement for anyone who recklessly endangers a law enforcement officer, firefighter, correctional, youth services, probation or parole officer, registered security officers/guards, employees of the Department of Correction or the Department of Children’s services, uniformed members of the Armed Forces or National Guard, emergency medical or rescue workers, technicians, or paramedics in their performance of official duty.

“I am grateful to Governor Lee and our House leadership team for asking me to serve as co-prime sponsor of this legislation,” said Chairman Farmer. “This legislation supports all who make heroic and extraordinary sacrifices daily to serve the citizens of this state. I look forward to the work ahead getting the governor to sign it into law.”

House Bill 2260 will now be heard by members of the House Finance, Ways, & Means Committee. For more information, please click here.