Town Of Dandridge Asks Businesses and Citizens To Follow Health Guidelines For COVID-19

The Town of Dandridge is requesting that all residents and visitors adhere to the Department of Health guidelines for social distancing of 6ft and limiting group numbers to 10 or less at gatherings.

As the number of Coronavirus positive individuals continue to grow across the state, because we are uniquely placed at the 417 exit and because we are a Retire Tennessee Town, there is a great concern for the health and well-being of our citizens. As a tourist location and with Lake Season just a few short weeks away, we understand the importance of returning to business as usual as quickly as possible and will be reviewing the situation on a weekly basis.

Currently, we are requesting that restaurants that continue to offer dine-in service adhere to the Department of Health guidelines for social distancing which would ensure that seated tables are at least six feet apart. When weather allows and if the establishment has the capability they should encourage outdoor seating, while still adhering to social distancing guidelines. All businesses are requested to ensure that employees are temperature free and asymptomatic. Non-essential businesses are requested to work from home, or in the case of retail and salons to go to phone orders and by appointment only interaction with the public.

For the safety of everyone, the Town Of Dandridge is requesting that anyone who shows symptoms of illness or has been in contact with someone who has been exposed to the Coronavirus self quarantine. Good hygiene, frequent hand-washing, extra care in cleaning public areas and social distancing will help arrest the spread of the Coronavirus.

Additionally, we are requesting that those who have traveled abroad, engaged in air or sea travel or have visited hot spots such as Nashville, Memphis, New York, California, or Washington State, show extra caution to keep the risk of potential exposure for your fellow citizens to a minimum.

This is not a time for fear or panic but it is a time for thoughtful actions and caution.

The town will be reviewing the situation on a weekly basis and we are convinced that we will soon return to business as usual.

For our seniors who may eventually need food assistance, the municipalities, along with the Chamber of Commerce, Bush Brothers, Dandridge Food Pantry and Jefferson County Government are initiating a program to address those needs. More information will follow as it becomes available from the Jefferson County Office On Aging.

As we come together in spirit and action to protect the citizenship from the spread of the Coronavirus, we ask that everyone make a special effort to support our local businesses who are finding themselves in a stressful financial situation, to keep us safe.

Thank you for your cooperation. We anticipate a wonderful Spring and booming Summer Season for Dandridge.

Stay safe, stay well and please stay six feet apart.

— Town Of Dandridge