Dandridge Farmer’s Market Fruitful In 2020 Season

Photo by Sophie Swann

The Farmers’ Market in downtown Dandridge was full of life Saturday! People appeared ready to get out and about and enjoy the Market. With all of the fresh, homegrown fruits and vegetables, hand-carved wooden bowls, tender cuts of meat, and scrumptious smelling baked goods, the Market offers something for everyone.

The Market-goers respectfully social distanced while browsing the various products; community socialization is at its height. The smiles on people’s faces reflected the comfortable, warm, summery atmosphere. The Farmers’ Market is simply the place to be to have a great time! Leaving with handfuls of fresh food is an added benefit to the fun.

The Jefferson County Post will be featuring some vendors at the Farmers’ Market. We hope you will stop by and join the community every Saturday morning from now through October!

Source: Written by Sophie Swann