Gen Z Most Racially Diverse

We know that the recent quarantine has been difficult on many young people who were looking forward to spring and summer activities. But, just how much do we really know about Generation Z? While society was busy adjusting to the sheer size and social impact of the Millennial Generation, Generation Z slipped through the social radar. Now, as the oldest of the newest generation ages into adulthood, they are setting themselves apart from those that have come before them.

By far, Generation Z is the most racially diverse generation with 48%, nearly half of those age 6-21, identifying as non white. Not only are they the most racially diverse generation, so far they are the most educated generation. 59% of those that are post high school have attained or are attaining a two or four year college degree. Contributing factors to the high interest in education has been attributed to their parent’s education level. Most Generation Z are the products of Generation X or the oldest of the Millennial, where college education importance began its climb in the United States. But while other generations, particularly Generation X parents, worked to contribute to the family in their late teens, that trend has taken a sharp downward turn with Generation Z. 47% of Generation X, those born from 1965 till 1980, worked at part time or summer jobs, only 18% of Generation Z hold any kind of employment in their high school years and more of them are likely to be unemployed following college than even their predecessors, the Millennial.

Tech savey, Generation Z grew up with smart phones and fingertip information. They, like the Millennial, generally identify as liberal with even those that consider themselves conservative looking for more government control over issues like climate control. The majority expect an expanded government role but do not view the United States to be superior to other nations. Gender fluidity, gay marriage, one parent households and a concern for racial inequality are just a few of the realities of Generation Z. While the Millennial are considered to generally be socially liberal, Generation Z is even more to the left with only 22% identifying as socially conservative.

Will time and life experience change the foundation that currently moves Generation Z? Born into a time that was ripe with jobs and upward movement, Generation Z did not experience the financial or social turmoil of previous generations until now. Perhaps, like the Millennial, there will be two different schools of thought, depending on placement in the generation. Whatever the future brings for Generation Z, they will have to cast a big shadow to have more impact than the bursting Millennial generation and may end up like Generation X sandwiched between two massive generations that drive daily living with there sheer numbers.

Source: K. Depew, News Director