Hill House Farms – Dandridge Farmer’s Market Feature This Week

Photo: Amanda, Hill House Farms

From the Farmer’s Market on Saturday, June 27, we are featuring Hill House Farms to tell us all about their delectable produce. Hill House Farms can be found at the Farmers Market or on Facebook where people can “make orders . . . or contact through their business card.” Produce can be held for people who plan on coming to the Farmers Market next Saturday as well.

Their bestselling product happens to be the salad mix which “lasts two weeks” compared to the typical three to four days one can expect of salad mix from a grocery store. The favorite product of one of the owners, Amanda, is the “chioggia beets that have rings of white and red and white and red that make them look like a peppermint on the inside, and they’re super sweet!”

Hill House Farms has a variety of produce ranging from basil, thyme, mint, and other herbs to cherry tomatoes, chioggia beets, salad turnips, and cucumber. Their produce is so fresh and reasonably priced that it is difficult to pass up, not to mention the wonderfully kind and cheery people that own Hill House Farms!

Pop on down to the Farmers Market and visit Hill House Farms for some wonderful, organic produce!

Source: Sophie Swann, Jefferson County Post Staff Writer