Valentine Projects

With Valentines Day just around the corner, we have a perfect opportunity to spend some time with our child or grandchild.  These crafts will be fun for everyone!

Translucent Hanging Hearts are easy to make from waxed paper and crayons, and sunbeams will color your room with cheer.

  1. Begin with a 12-by-16-inch sheet of waxed paper. Fold it in half along its length; unfold.
  2. Deposit wax-crayon shavings (made with pencil sharpener) evenly but not thick across one half of the paper.
  3. Fold the clean half of the paper over the shavings. Crimp the three open edges with a 1/2-inch fold to hold the shavings.
  4. Protect your ironing surface with craft paper. Place the waxed paper on the craft paper, and cover it with another sheet of craft paper. Iron lightly on medium heat, checking after every few passes. Stop when all the shavings have melted; let cool.
  5. Trace and cut out hearts of various sizes. String each heart with a silk thread for hanging near a window to catch the light.

Candy Rings are wearable gifts for friends and classmates and they are simple to make.

What you’ll need:1 chenille stem per ring (pink, purple, light blue, white, or red), White craft glue, Wrapped candies

  1. Wrap the entire chenille around the child’s finger, and then slide it off. 
  2. Take the end of the chenille and wrap it around the circle to secure the ring (watch the pointy ends).
  3. Place a wrapped candy on the table and add some white craft glue (Foil wrapped chocolate hearts are an ideal candy).
  4. Place the ring in top of the glue and let dry.

Folding “paper-doll” Valentines.

  • What you’ll need: Scissors, 1 piece of card stock, Pencil, Colored paper (optional) or crayons, Various decorations (glitter, cotton, doilies, etc.)
  • Cut the card stock into an eight-inch square.
  • Fold the card stock back and forth into three sections.
  • Draw the outline of a person with hands and feet outstretched to the right and left of the folds.
  • Cut out and pull open the chain of human figures.
  • Decorate the paper people by using colored paper or patterned card stock to make trapezoid-shaped dresses. Color the doll (for hair, eyes, nose, shoes, etc.) or add glitter, cotton, or doilies for some texture.

Hand Print Hearts, will be yours forever!

  1. You will need: Pink and purple paint, Paper
  2. Keeping fingers together, print a hand print of purple paint on the center of the paper.
  3. With the other hand add a hand print of pink paint overlapping the fingers with the purple hand print.
Source: Linda G. Swann, M.S. Early Childhood / SPED