MEDIC Regional Blood Center Continues to Screen Donors for COVID-19 Antibodies

WHO:             MEDIC Regional Blood Center

WHAT:            MEDIC Regional Blood Centercontinues to screen all donors for COVID-19 Antibodies.

                        Antibody testing is an effort to identify COVID Convalescent Plasma (CCP) donors to increase inventories to meet the demand of regional hospitals. 

MEDIC is NOT performing COVID-19 virus testing for people with COVID-19 symptoms. 

                          Donors must have a successful blood or blood-related product donation to receive the antibody test. 

WHEN:            Through August 31st

WHERE:          All Month – MEDIC Regional Blood Center Donor Centers:

Downtown Knoxville – 1601 Ailor Avenue

Farragut – 11000 Kingston Pike

Athens – 213 E. Washington Avenue

Crossville – 79 S. Main Street

                        August 10 – 14 – New Midland Plaza – Blount County
August 17 – 21 – Sevierville Golf/Country Club

                        August 24 – 28 – Calvary Baptist Church in Oak Ridge

                        August 31 – Various Locations

Note: MEDIC is requiring donors to wear a mask or face covering. If a donor does not have a mask or face covering, MEDIC will provide one.

Note: MEDIC is requiring appointments for all donors. This will allow for social distancing and to control donor flow.

                        Appointments can be made online at using the donate link. Appointments can also be made by calling 865-524-3074.

WHY:              The need for COVID Convalescent Plasma is urgent. Antibody testing is an effort to identify CCP donors to increase inventories to meet the demand of regional hospitals. Results will be provided only to those who have positive results for COVID-19 antibodies. Results will not be discussed on the phone or via email.

                   MEDIC continues to follow social distancing guidelines and will continue wellness checks upon entry at all locations and drives.

As a reminder, the blood on the shelves now is what would be used in a trauma event and it takes three days for donated blood to be processed and ready for distribution.     The CCP on the shelves is what is used right now for patients in need.  

OTHER:         Donors should be healthy and well when donating. Additionally, they should eat a healthy meal and be hydrated before attempting to give.



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