Valentine Memories

Valentines Day brings back many memories of love, but none is so vivid as the love songs of the past.  Just hearing a song fills my heart with warmth.  My special valentine is my husband and many of these songs hold a special connection to him. The Hollies, The Four Seasons and Elvis are just a few of the artists that have a special place in my memories. When we were first married, Valentines Day gifts were just more than a young budget could afford. Later on, as our family grew and so did our careers, candy, cards and flowers were a part of our celebration. I must admit that no box of candy or flower ever meant as much as our enjoyment of the songs of our first days together. Even now, decades after our first Valentines Day, some of those old love songs will take me right back to days of teenage love. That is one thing that I believe is constant between generations-technology may come and go but the impact of a good love song lasts forever. So, this Valentines Day I suggest that you turn on the radio or slip in a c.d. and create some memories of your own. And remember, the new tunes are great but for something that has lasting appeal don’t forget the old love songs. After all, love, like good music, is timeless.

Source: K. P. Guessen