Happy Fall !

Fall is finally here as today marks the autumnal equinox! On Tuesday, September 22, day and night are exactly the same length. At 9:30 AM, the sun is directly above the equator and marks the beginning of fall.
As the blazing sun gives way to a cool breeze, it is time to start gathering pumpkins and planning that long awaited turkey dinner. Be ready to start taking in the beautiful sights of the colors of the changing leaves. Many people overlook when the leaves change from bright greens to orange, yellow, and brown, however others may wonder why is this even occurring? It seems so simple and normal, a regular mark that fall is really here, but does it actually mean fall is here to stay?

As fall commences, the days begin to get shorter and shorter leading up to Christmas. This means that there is less sunlight during the ever growing shorter days. With less sunlight, the leaves begin to stop their food-making process, photosynthesis, where sunlight is converted into a sugar called glucose. The days of fall also begin to get colder, sucking the moisture out of the leaves, leaving them dry and thirsty. Having lessened food and water, the green chlorophyll pigment in the leaves breaks down and leaves yellows and browns in its wake. They continue to die and wither until they fall, creating our beloved piles of leaves just waiting to be jumped into.
Fall is the start of a new beginning, the old dies leaving room for the new. Grab your sweaters and prepare for the beautiful colors of fall!

Happy autumn equinox to all!

Source: Sophie Swann, Jefferson County Post Staff Writer