JCHS Announces National Apprenticeship Week and EPSO, November 9-13, 2020

JCHS is excited to announce we are celebrating National Apprenticeship Week and EPSO Week Nov. 9-13. EPSO stands for Early Post-Secondary Opportunities.  Students can earn EPSO’s by taking AP classes, Local or State Dual Credit, Dual Enrollment classes, or earning industry certifications.   We currently offer 21 AP courses, over 15 Local or State Dual Enrollment Courses, and 20 industry certifications.  Currently all industry certifications are offered to students at no cost.

We are celebrating during lunch with EPSO BINGO, trivia, corn hole games, prizes, cookies, and much more.  Students that have earned EPSO are eligible to receive a prize during EPSO week.  Teachers will also have flyers indicating if they teach an EPSO class posted all week.

National Apprenticeship week is Nov. 9-13.  Jefferson County is honored to be one of a few of registered apprenticeships in the state of Tennessee.  From our first cohort of apprentices, three are full time employees at Oshkosh.  Five students are currently enrolled in the pre-apprenticeship program at Oshkosh and may be eligible for the Welding apprenticeship in the spring.  Students that complete the program earn high school welding credit, up to 240 hours of TCAT Welding credit, and earn a wage while learning valuable skills in a high demand, high skill, high wage career path. We are honored that two JCHS alumni will be joining us as virtual guest speakers the week of Nov. 9-13 to share part of their journey with current students.  Oshkosh will also be our spotlight industry for the month of November with a scrolling video on our CTE kiosk about career opportunities.