Hi, I’m Buck

Hello. Frens. My name. is Buck. I am a big dog who likes to run sniff and jump. I love hoomans and I show my wooffection through jumps and hugs. The other dogs tell me that current research doesn’t mention jumps as a love language. But it’s my love language so I don’t know if these scientists are very good at their job. Maybe they should get me to do the job. But I would prefer just to go to a home. I need space or lots of walks. I have. Energy and I am big so some hoomans say I need much exercise. But I am working hard with my frens at Sublime K9 dog trainers and they taught me to sit and heel. I have been at CARE for more than a year now. I like it here but my run gets boring and a home and a family and a routine would be nice. I think I should be on my own with hoomans. I get jealous of cats. They can jump higher than me. That’s not fair. My dream would be a big yard. But I’ll settle for hikes and love. And someone to jump with. Hugs and jumps. Buck.

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