Jefferson County Schools Earns TN Pathways Certification In Welding

Jefferson County Schools is pleased to announce the recent notification of earning TN Pathways Certification in Welding.  The TN Department of Education notes,

“The Tennessee Pathways Certification sets clear expectations for alignment, advisement, and partnerships that define strong education-to-career pathways.  In addition, “the certification elevates and celebrates innovative and exemplary pathways in the state.”  With student enrollment increasing each year, we anticipate more options for students in this high demand, high wage career with students earning industry credentials, dual enrollment credit, and potential pre-apprenticeship and apprenticeship opportunities.

“I have said for many years great partners make great things happen. Seeing the announcement that the JCHS Welding program had received certification as a TN Pathways program continues to prove that statement correct. I commend the Jefferson County School System for their vision and CTE Director Dr. Rebecca Campbell for her work in making this possible. A seamless pathway from high school to post-secondary to employment is at the core of the TN Pathways certification and ensures we all are doing everything possible to make student success and workforce development a reality in our region. TCAT Morristown is proud to be a partner with JCHS”.
Jerry Young, President TCAT Morristown

“Oshkosh Manufacturing is proud to partner with the Jefferson County High School (JCHS) Welding Program to grow and develop our nation’s youth. We aim to train on the critical skills of welding while educating on the promise and potential of a career in manufacturing.  Oshkosh currently employs 9 student apprentices through the Tennessee Pathways Certification Program. We look forward to continuing our partnership with JCHS and helping each student achieve future success in America’s manufacturing industry.”  – Marc Manske, Sr. Plant Manager

“I am very proud of the work of our entire CTE department and Dr. Rebecca Campbell’s leadership. This recognition from the state is important and it is our goal that there are more certifications to come in the future from additional fields.” – Shane Johnston, Director of Schools

“Whether it be college or career, the CTE department at JCHS works hard to prepare our students for their future.  With Pathways Certification in Welding, collaborative effort that is put toward our student’s success with our Dual enrollment and apprenticeship programs continues to grow. It is great to be a part of such a great department.” – Tim Epling, Welding Teacher

“It is humbling to be a part of the strong partnership between a school district, workforce development, industry and post-secondary come together to develop this welding program and now earn TN Pathways certification in the second full year of the program.  Students have another opportunity to learn valuable skills, earn industry credentials, be a part of an apprenticeship program, and earn post-secondary credit while in high school.  With these skills students can enter high wage, high demand, and high skills careers in our region. Career and Technical Education programs of study provide students with more career options than ever before.”
Rebecca Campbell, CTE Coordinator