Lakeland Golf Resort and Mulligan’s Bar and Grill, Formerly Baneberry Golf Resort, announced Tuesday to the community its new name and ownership

In a community meeting on Tuesday the new owners of Lakeland Golf Course and Mulligan’s Bar and Grill, formerly Baneberry Golf Resort, announced their official ownership, new business name, and new branding imagery to a welcoming Baneberry audience. Sitting amongst a panel of other neighborhood volunteers the new owners, Josh and Danyelle Glendenning introduced themselves, walked through an immense list of repairs they have done in just a few days of ownership, and presented a promising business plan that should bring the property success, and restore the neighborhood’s prized attraction.

The purpose of the meeting was not only to include the community in the decisions of the business, but to thank all of the volunteers that have spent the last few days painting, repairing, mowing, and doing so many of the other things that are needed to bring the neglected property back to working order. Mrs. Glendenning remarked about the meeting invite to the community, “We plan on answering some questions and talking about some of our plans as well as offering discounted community memberships.”

The Glendennings became part of the tight-knit golf community two years ago, moving into a home on the golf course and taking a front row seat to watch the ups-and-downs of Warrior Golf, out of Irvine, California, file bankruptcy. Finally, the course and all its properties came up for sale and were purchased by an investor who sold the golf course and restaurant clubhouse to the Glendennings.

“Of all the golf course and lake communities I have sold houses in 30 years I have never seen a community come together to support a business owner as this community has,” longtime resident and realtor of Baneberry, Doug Swiggum with Keller Williams Realty, celebrated the purchase by the Glendennings by saying in the meeting.

“We bought this course for us, but also for you, the community,” Mr. Glendenning explained to the attendees, “And we intend, with your help, and suggestions to restore it back to everything it ever was and so much more.”

Repairs that have already taken place include painting the interiors of the restaurant clubhouse, repairing poor electrical wiring and replacing old lights, deep cleaning of all the facilities including the kitchen, updating the flooring and restrooms, as well as new windows and siding. The unattended greens are being restored and new sand for the bunkers is in the schedule. Signage has been repainted or is being fully replaced with modern lit signs boasting the classy new logos. And a full schedule of social-style golf events plan to be marketed online, drawing visitors from all over.

The Glendennings have been presented with a portfolio of golf industry relationships that promise to win them quality Pro Shop products, a new fleet of golf carts, and stylish attire with their new branding on it. Local farm-to-table style ingredients for the restaurant are an option for an improved menu, as the Glendennings plan to market the clubhouse facility for private parties, corporate events, and potentially concerts and large weddings.

A phased opening will begin with the pool, which aims to be available to the community of Baneberry following their annual golf cart parade and neighborhood cookout. Follow Lakeland Golf Course on Facebook and Instagram for more updates @lakelandgolf.

Source: Lakeland Golf Resort and Mulligan’s Bar and Grill, Formerly Baneberry Golf Resort, announced Tuesday to the community its new name and ownership