Pre-K Screening For Fall Enrollment – Jefferson County Schools Governor’s Pre-K Program

Jefferson County Schools

Governor’s Pre-K Programs

Jefferson County Schools offers “free” preschool programs at all 8 elementary schools in the county. Our quality preschool program serves 20 children at each site and meet 5 days a week for 5 ½ hours each day. Transportation will be provided by the parent.

Student eligibility Criteria:

  • Students must be four years of age by August 15th, 2022.

Children given priority into Pre-K are as follows:

    1. Students considered first: Those families who meet income eligibility
    2. Student considered second: Those students who meet other states eligibility: States Custody, Abuse/Neglect, IEP (child qualifies to receive speech and/or developmental services through the school system), ELL: students where English is a second language.
    3. Students considered third: Those students who do not meet any criteria listed above, but meet local eligibility. These students cannot be enrolled in pre-k until after the school starts and approval has been given by the State Department of Education.

*Students meeting eligibility 2 or 3 are placed on a waiting list and considered for placement after school starts.

  • Pre-Registration will be held at the Family Resource Center:

209 W. Dumplin Valley Road. (Coming from Hwy 92. turn onto W. Dumplin Valley Rd., drive past Jefferson County High School, on your left look for Family Resource sign, drive behind the brick building into a parking lot, we are in a portable building at the end of the parking lot. Look for Family Resource Center signs. )

Documents to bring: Child’s Birth Certificate (official copy); Proof of all household income or Proof of food stamps (income eligibility letter), Immunizations on Tennessee Certificate of Immunization, Proof of Physical exam, and Two Proofs of Residency (electric, utility, water, phone bill, cable/satellite, Driver’s License, Property taxes, deed, Bank Statement, Lease/mortgage, current Tennessee voter registration with your name and address)



Source: Jefferson County TN Department of Education