Mayor Mark Potts Seeks Re-Election

Mark Potts, Mayor of Jefferson County, Tennessee
Photo by J.Depew Photography

Jefferson County Mayor Mark Potts will be seeking re-election for a second term as Mayor of Jefferson County. Potts is a lifelong resident with family roots deeply entrenched in Jefferson County. He is the son the of the Betty Potts, who recently became one of Jefferson County’s centenarians, and the late Glenn Potts. Mayor Potts and wife Heidi have both worked extensively in the local medical field. Mark is the father of four children and has 9 grandchildren, all of which reside in Jefferson County.

It was during Potts first term in office that the Covid 19 crisis hit both nationally and locally. With the assistance of local partners, Mayor Potts coordinated the “Community Comes Together Program” which utilized volunteers and community partners to provide 3,667 hot meals, 491 weekly grocery boxes and 140 weekend grocery boxes. His request for a $10,000 buy in from the county was approved and, at the end of the program, $3000 was returned to the county coffers. Mayor Potts considers the program and the ability to keep Jefferson County open for business, while mitigating risks to employees and the public, some of his primary acts of his first years in office.

A proponent of utilizing grants whenever they are available, Mayor Potts has procured grants for both rehab and recover and housing rehab in the county. Through his commitment to search and apply for grants, the Historic Jefferson County Courthouse was the beneficiary of a one million dollar grant for upgrades at no cost to the taxpayers.

During his tenure as Mayor, Potts has reorganized the administrative offices of the Mayor to reduce payroll by combining positions. He has also utilized a paid intern from CNU to assist with the “Keep Jefferson County Beautiful” program which is an affiliate of the “Keep America Beautiful” program. Mayor Potts also established a Long Range Planning Committee to assist in providing a vision for Jefferson County.

Potts has represented Jefferson County as the Chair of the Lakeway Area Metropolitan Transportation Organization, the East Tennessee Development District and ETHRA.

His goals for his second term in office include addressing space and accessibility issues in the County Clerk’s Office and the Jefferson County Election Office through grants. Potts would like to address employee medical needs to reduce county costs and provide quality care for employees, He would also like to see Jefferson County employees all reach a minimum of $10 per hour pay scale, which would begin to establish an across the board livable wage.

Mark Potts humbly asks for your vote as he seeks a second term as Mayor of Jefferson County.

Together we can do great things in Jefferson County. Progressive planning married to fiscal responsibility is the formula to bring in the opportunities we want while keeping the advantages we already enjoy. I am committed to Jefferson County and her residents. This is my home. My roots run deep here and it is the greatest honor to serve the citizens of Jefferson County.

Thank You! “

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