Jefferson County Schools Recognizes Sandi Ramey as Principal of the Year and Michelle Walker as Supervisor of the Year

Sandi Ramey, Principal of the Year

Jefferson County Schools is proud to recognize Mrs. Sandi Ramey as the 2021-22 Principal of the Year.  Mrs. Ramey is the principal of Talbott Elementary School.  She has been the principal there for the past five years.  She has an Ed.S from Lincoln Memorial University.  This is Mrs. Ramey’s twelfth year working in education.  Talbott Elementary earned recognition as a TN Department of Education Reward School for 2020-21 school year.  Reward school status is earned for multiple accountability indicators, but generally the designation is for achievement and growth for all students and student groups.  This is the second time TES has earned Reward School recognition under Mrs. Ramey’s principalship.

Mrs. Ramey is frequently in classrooms and is highly visible throughout the building.  Mrs. Ramey occasionally carves out time to plan a lesson and teach alongside one of her teachers.  This practice has helped Mrs. Ramey learn new curriculum and has enhanced her ability to be the instructional leader at her school.  The students at TES adore Mrs. Ramey as seen by the smiles and quiet waves she receives throughout the building.

This is what TES physical education teacher Tonya Crooke had to say about Mrs. Ramey, “Sandi’s success as a leader is a result of her servant’s heart. She goes above and beyond to show love and compassion to her students, faculty, staff and community by visiting families of students and staff in difficult times, delivering items to families in need and attends games to support her student athletes. She has an open-door policy for her students, faculty and staff. Her willingness to build positive relationships has grown Talbott into a close-knit family. When you develop a culture of love and support, you create an environment others believe in, want to be a part of and give their all for.”

“Great leaders don’t set out to be a leader… they set out to make a difference. It’s never about the role—always the goal.” ― Cathy Quartner Bailey.  TES first grade teacher Donna Humphrey shared, “Mrs. Ramey didn’t set out to be a principal, she loved being a teacher and coach. However, someone thought she would be a great principal and told her to apply. That person was right. She is a leader that inspires others. Talbott is fortunate to have her as our principal. She has certainly made a difference in the lives of our students and staff. We hope she stays with us for years to come.”

Mrs. Ramey is married to Sam Ramey.  They live in Dandridge with their one-year-old daughter Leighton.


Michelle Walker, Supervisor of the Year

Jefferson County Schools is proud to recognize Mrs. Michelle Walker as the 2021-22 Supervisor of the Year.

Mrs. Walker is the Supervisor of Secondary Curriculum and Assessment and has been in that role for the past three years.  Mrs. Walker has an Ed.S from Lincoln Memorial University.  She has spent the last 25 years as an educator in some capacity.  Eleven of those years were in administration.  In her role as a supervisor, Mrs. Walker works closely with the middle school and high school principals, assistant principals, academic coaches and other district supervisors.  Mrs. Walker plays a vital role in various district partnerships including multiple partnerships and grants through the Niswonger Foundation, the TN Department of Education’s Core Office, and our English Language Arts implementation partners, TNTP.  Mrs. Walker chairs Jefferson County School’s Discipline Hearing Authority. She is well known for her organizational strengths.  Her ability to develop procedures has clarified processes for administrators, teachers, parents, and other stakeholders.

Middle School Literacy Coach Kristi Snyder said, “I worked with Michelle Walker during her time as lead principal of Maury Middle School and most recently in her role as Supervisor of Secondary Curriculum and Assessment for Jefferson County Schools. Without fail, Michelle has proven herself to be dedicated to the pursuit of improving education in Jefferson County Schools. A consummate professional, Michelle selflessly shares her time, intellect, and resources in support of this goal, never forgetting that behind the initiatives, data, and high expectations are students, parents, and employees who deserve respect, empathy, and kindness. What a blessing Michelle’s dedication, leadership, and compassion are to our district!”

This is what Jefferson Middle School Principal Melanie Simpson shared, “Michelle Walker is an amazing supervisor! She is honest, fair, and thoughtful toward her principals. She continues to provide us with thoughtful insight and profound guidance through conversation and feedback. She guides us through the lens of “what is best for students?” For that, I am grateful.   Michelle whole-heartedly supports her principals.  She truly makes us better principals because of her leadership.”

Mrs. Walker is married to Dr. Scott Walker.  They live in Jefferson City.  They have four children and four grandchildren.