School Board First Meet After Election

Jefferson County TN School Board Meeting, September 8, 2022

The Jefferson County School Board convened last week for their first meeting following the seating of newly elected members Ibbetson and Cameron and re-seating of members Bradley and Jarnigan. Following the Call to Order, Jefferson County Director of Schools Arnold opened the floor for nominations for the position of Chairman of the Board. Board Member Jarnigan nominated Bradley, who had been overseeing the Work Session just prior to the voting meeting, to the position of Chair. Board Member Cameron nominated Ibbetson for the Chair position. Bradley won the position with a 4-2-1 vote. (Cameron and Ibbetson in opposition and Martin abstained). Bradley nominated an unopposed Jarnigan to the position of Vice Chair. Due to a extremely lengthy work session, only three students of the several that were in attendance (3 of the JES Ambassadors) were left to recognize.

Following the brief recognition and time for public input, Chair Bradley discussed a 13 point list of Items for Information. Two items on the Consent Agenda were approved. Under New Business, two General Purpose and one Federal budget amendments were unanimously approved upon and Motion from Jarnigan and 2nd from Solomon. School Board Commissioner Appointments for various committees were placed by the Chair and with volunteers from the Board.

With a Motion from Solomon and 2nd from Martin the Board unanimously approved a sewer request from Jefferson County. At the request of the Jefferson County Budget Committee, the Board approved seeking detailed costs on renovations to Jefferson Elementary. Solomon made a motion to seek the estimate and split the cost ($250,000) with the County Commission with the DOE half ($125,000) to come from fund balance. Unassigned/encumbered fund balance for the Department of Education is now just north of $11 million dollars according the Jefferson County Finance Director Elder. Solomon was 2nd by Ibbetson and the motion passed 5-2 with Bradley and Jarnigan voting No.

Under Unfinished Business the Board approved two resolutions for surplus, as well as a resolution honoring Anne Marie Potts and one honoring Robbie Pinkerton. A Memorandum of Understanding with the teacher negotiations team was ultimately voted down, due largely to concerns by the Department of Education Attorney , 6-0 withCameron voting No.