Thank You To The Citizens Of Dandridge – Jeff Depew, Alderman

Thank you for your support and votes in this year’s election. It has been a pleasure to serve the Town of Dandridge and I look forward to continuing to serve in the position you have afforded me. Thank you to my wife Krissi Swann Depew, Son Jake Depew, Daughter-in-law Ashlin Thomas Depew, Mother-in-law Linda Swann and the rest of our family and friends for all their support in life and in this election.

I look forward to what we can all do together to continue to make the Town of Dandridge the very best place to live. As always, I have an open door policy. Please contact me with ideas, comments and concerns. I value your opinions and will work hard to represent you.

Thank you again.

Your friend and Alderman,

Jeff Depew