PUBLIC NOTICE – Jefferson County Republican Party Procedure to Run for Party Chairman

Per the Tennessee Republican Party Bi-Laws, the procedures for electing the county party chair have been updated. Any person seeking the office of Jefferson County Republican Party Chair is required to submit their name for consideration to the Credentials Committee Chair Kristi Coffey at the following email:

Per Tennessee Republican Bi-Laws, nominations for county party chair can not be made from the floor of the convention. This is found in Rule D, Comprehensive Rule Governing County Party Reorganization, Part III County Conventions, Item D.

Candidates for county chair must be active members of the party, reside in Jefferson County, and have a record of voting in the last three state republican primary elections. The chair election will occur during the Mass Reorganization Meeting on January 28 at the Historic Jefferson County Courthouse in Dandridge.

If you have any questions about the new chair selection process, please contact Chairman David Seal at (865)414-4484