School Board To Postpone Indefinitely Rezoning

The Jefferson County School Board decided, in a 3/4 split vote, to postpone indefinitely considering rezoning. Rezoning was placed on the agenda by School Board Member Solomon in an effort to have a general overlook of the current population and growth areas in Jefferson County. This came on the heels of the “reassignment” of New Market from Jefferson Middle School to Rush Strong School for 6th, 7th and 8th grade. Solomon stated that, in light of the Boards desire to address the condition of Jefferson Elementary School and the fact that some members of the County Commission had expressed information on school zoning as a component, the consideration of rezoning was the next logical step. Director of Schools Arnold stated that most schools are below capacity, with only Talbott Elementary School being above capacity. He also noted that projected growth is in the Talbott area. School Board Member Jarnigan made the motion to postpone and was 2nd by Board Chair Bradley. Supporting the motion were Jarnigan, Bradley, Martin and Zander.

Jarnigan also stated that he is in favor of moving on the proposed new Jefferson Elementary School project. Solomon noted that the County Commission has not approved funding for the project and that the School Board will need county funding for the project in its current parameters. The Board directed Director Arnold to approach the Jefferson County Commission regarding Jefferson Elementary School funding.

As a general housekeeping item, the Board cleaned up the process to allow military tassels at graduation. This item was previously approved but needed clarification for the purpose of correctly being added to policy.