WOKE AGENDA Concerns For Parents With Jefferson County Schools Contractor

Screenshot of website as of January 03, 2023

Concern regarding Allied Behavioral Health drove the public input portion of the recent Jefferson County School Board meeting. Allied Behavioral Health is a contractor with the Jefferson County Department of Education to provide counseling services to Jefferson County Schools. For several months parents have been expressing concern that Allied Behavioral Health is promoting a “woke” agenda, noting the language on their website and tags on their emails. They contend that, until the issue was brought to light by concerned parents, the company openly supported and promoted LGBTQ and transgender agendas on their website and that a recent advertisement placed by the company to fill open positions in the local area required being open to LGBTQ, transgender and other issues. Allied also aligns itself with alternate pronoun assignment, according to the parents. This parent group believes that the position of Allied to openly align with a woke agenda is not representative of the values of the majority of the community.

School Board Member Martin has requested that the Allied Behavioral Health contract, which is grant driven, be placed on the agenda for the April School Board meeting. At the request of School Board Member Ibbetson, school lunch balances and funding will also be included on the April agenda.