Watching My Grandpuppy

As I was sitting here today, watching my grand pup play, I was reminded of dogs that have been a part of my life.  Those that are animal lovers will understand when I say that I was remembering all the dogs that I have loved before. And love them I did. From my first, who was my first baby, swaddled in a blanket and all, to my current babies that lie with me beside the fire. When my children were younger, we had dachshunds. They are lovely, smart little dogs that kept our family hopping. Our female had a favorite chair and my daughter’s friend would come to visit and sit in the coveted seat. Our precious little pup would go to the door and bark until the poor unsuspecting friend, exasperated at the rest of the family’s non response, would get up to look out the door. Our pup would then run and jump up into the chair, growling at the friend. We thought it was funny, however my daughter’s friend did not share our opinion. I have had Scotties who were proud, mixed breads that were loyal and a lab that was a fierce protector of the family but a loving companion. I currently have two canine family members that I love and cherish dearly, as well as two grand pups and one rather sinister grand kitty. They have all been important members of the family and I have wonderful, furry memories of them all. If the commotion running through my home today is any indication, I will have many more memories and stories of their antics to keep my mind occupied for years to come.

Source: K.P. Guessen