Mary Burton’s: The Seventh Victim

book-binding-mustreadOccasionally, I get the opportunity to sit in for Jake as he takes a day or two off and I relish the chance to share a good book with fellow readers. I just finished reading Mary Burton’s The Seventh Victim and I just could not put it down. Burton is no novice author and it is apparent in the development of her characters. I have indulged in a few of her books over the years and I must say that this is my favorite. The storyline is stronger and the characters a little more fleshed out than I usually find in Burton’s books. I am a real sucker for a psychological thriller/love story and The Seventh Victim gives both in spades. For those that are  off put by serial killers, this is not the book for you. If you don’t mind your romance littered with a few bodies then you really should pick up a copy of Burton’s latest offering. There is also the added benefit of the book being available in paperback, so it is a more economical choice, as well. I like romantic suspense, I like a story that is face paced and entertaining and I like this book. If you are already a Burton fan then you won’t be disappointed. If this is your first Burton read then you won’t be disappointed. My only suggestion is to read it with the lights on and enjoy the shivers that come from both the romance and the suspense. There is nothing like a spine tingling book to spice up an ordinary day and The Seventh Victim is sure to deliver an engaging story and memorable characters. There is the possibility that Burton may be setting up for a follow up book with some of the interesting side characters in the story. I know that I will be watching for a sister book from Burton and another chilling tale of romantic suspense, in a genre that has become one of my favorites.

Source: Vicktoria Szymanski