Direct Farm Marketing for Success: Marketing Methods to Make You Money Workshops

A one-day Direct Farm Marketing for Success Workshop called Marketing Methods to Make You Money will be held in five locations: March 14 in Jackson, March 15 in Nashville, April 3 in White Pine, April 4 in Athens and April 5 in Monteagle. Register now if you plan to attend – all locations are currently in jeopardy of being cancelled if enough registrations are not made. (Regstration fees will be refunded in full if the location is cancelled.)

Topics will include accepting nutritional programs and credit/debit cards as payment, how to increase the effectiveness of your promotional strategies, tips on buying advertising, what’s new in social media and more. -registration is required 5 days prior to the workshop. The registration fee is $15 per person.

Workshops not having adequate registration numbers will be cancelled. Register now if you would like to attend!

Register online with a credit card or complete the registration form and mail with a check.

Register online with a for Direct Farm Marketing for Success with a credit card at